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Early Bird Price: € 2 125  € 2 500


Instituto Português de Fotografia (“IPF”) and world renowned photographer Alex Majoli have partnered to create this unique project development Masterclass which will take place in the city of Porto.

The goal of IPF – Alex Majoli masterclass is to support students in the development of photographic projects. Students will be challenged to push their practice forward, develop new ideas and create images for a new or ongoing projects. The masterclass is organized into two week-long sessions with a period of 8 months in between during which students shall develop their photography projects.The first session (September 30 to October 4, 2019), will be the stepping stone for all projects to come. Alex Majoli will try to understand their backgrounds and debate ideas in order to develop individual project objectives.

In the following 8 months, students shall develop their projects. Alex Majoli will provide guidance on an ongoing basis through private sessions by skype, email, etc. A photographer’s ability to focus on his/her artistic vision is Alex Majoli’s main focus in these sessions which aim to help participants maintain a consistent level of quality throughout their project.

In the course of the second session (May 4 to May 8, 2020), all students shall show their progress to the class. Immersive editing and sequencing will take place in order to close all projects by the end of the masterclass.

This masterclass offers:

  • Practical advice and lectures from Alex Majoli;
  • Advice on existing work and development;
  • In class subject research sessions;
  • Guidance on theoretical, aesthetic and storytelling issues;
  • Private sessions with Alex Majoli;
  • Editing and sequencing sessions;
  • Networking opportunities.


The masterclass will be held in English.

Early Bird Ends In

Early Bird

€ 2 125

Until June 23, 2019

Regular Price

€ 2500

Application deadline is July 15


For participants enrolled in the IPF Professional Course the price is € 2 125 until July 15.

Price does not include travel and accommodation.

For more in depth information on prices and other contractual matters, please download the Masterclass brochure here.

Selection and requirements

The masterclass is open to 12 students and places will be allocated on a first come first served basis.




For any questions or support contact: ipf.masterclass@ipf.pt