Digital Photography Course (Lisbon)

Digital Photography Course (Lisbon)

The digital photography course is designed with the aim of introducing beginners to the creative and technical possibilities of digital photography. Within this scope, during this course you will be presented with the necessary tools to understand the basic photographic technics, composition rules and to explore all aspects of the digital image workflow, from image capture to editing, image file correction and manipulation, to preparation of files for printing and other uses.


  • Identify the different types of cameras;
  • Use color scales and manage the white balance system;
  • Apply the several photography scales;
  • Choose the different types of lenses and know their different applications;
  • Identify and relate the several technical aspects which influence the depth of field;
  • Learn the basics of night photography;
  • Learn the basics of street photography;
  • Learn to analyse a photograph under the fundamental notions of structure and image construction;
  • Find visual and creative solutions for the photographs;
  • Select and organize the photographs according to editing criteria;
  • Edit the digital files in Lightroom and manage the digital files and archives.

Necessary Equipment
Students must have a digital camera which allows the manual control of exposure, focus, ISO and color temperature, preferentially a DSLR, Bridge or Mirrorless camera.

The Course includes

  • Teaching and mentoring by an IPF teacher;
  • Theoretical sessions;
  • Practical sessions;
  • Analysis and evaluation of the photographs made by the students;
  • Individual computer with Adobe Lightroom.

€ 485,00

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Registration should be performed in the Office of IPF or through the email
Accepted payment methods: cash, debit card, transfer bank to:  IBAN: PT50 0010 0000 2442 5950 0014 7.

Trainers with a minimum attendance of 70% of training sessions are awarded a Training Attendance Certificate.

Photography by Sara Sousa


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  • Duração 66 horas
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